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Coming to this website you probably expected a very fancy website from a company that calls itself eShop Manager. Well, unfortunately we are not a normal company that will try to convince you with some bling bling packaged information. We have this easy bad looking website to see whether you are interested enough in finding out a way to really promote your product and brand.

Of course there is plenty of reasons to stop reading, and leave this website thinking "What a bad website" or you keep reading. (Great that you even read that far!)

The eShop Manager platform allows you to expose your product to a large audience and conquer new markets. The network of eShop Manager in total creates several million views per month in Germany, UK, and France. The eShop Manager Team supports sales efforts and develops strategies that fit the countries target group for the product. We have specialists for Marketing, SEO, Social Networks, Distribution, Import, Legal, and Sales.

We bring your product to market and help you building a sustainable and long lasting brand by managing online, offline sales, taking care of warehousing and distribution and legal.

Well, that sad it is now time to stop "reading" and start selling your brand.

So, you really want to build your brand and move forward with your product/brand?

Contact us now, and lets talk about how we can help you grow!

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